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How to Use the Frog @ease System

In a previous post, What Is Frog @Ease, I explained what @ease is and why you would want to use it. In this follow-up post, I have written out some basic instructions. This should help those that have had problems using this system. After reading online comments, in many cases, your dealer or retailer may not have given enough instruction, or they have not had the training to solve customers’ water issues.

I have many customers that use the system and have had great success with it. Here are a few significant things to Remember.

@ease is a low chlorine system, so you are soaking in a less harsh environment.

Only use the Frog @ease test strip for this type of Chlorine. Other test strips will give you a false reading.

Startup and Water Balance are keys to success using the Frog @ease system.

Startup And Refilling

Day One

Before turning on the power, you first want to fill your hot tub by locating the filter compartment and remove the filter cap from the filter standpipe. The standpipe should be hollow so you can place your hose down inside the standpipe and turn on the water. This step is essential to prevent air locks. If you get an airlock, you can read my post I Just Got my Hot Tub, and I have Problems.” and watch a YouTube video from my channel, 

Note: Some hot tubs have more than one filter, and only one is generally hollow. If both are hollow, it will not matter which one you use. If none are hollow, you can place the hose anywhere in the compartment.  

Anytime chemicals are added, run your jets for ten minutes with the cover open. Chemicals are best added in or near the filter compartment when the water is 65 degrees or more.

Note: regular test strips read pH, Alkalinity, hardness, and standard chlorine. Only the Frog @ease test strip can read the @ease chlorine.

Once the tub is powered on, check your water balance with a test strip. Make sure your pH (7.2-7.8), Alkalinity (80-120), and water hardness (150-250) are in the proper range and adjust accordingly. All hot tub test strips can test the above water chemistry. You can click or down this Water Balance Guide for instructions on how to do this.

Add a Stain & Scale Product to prevent calcium build-up, especially if your water is high in minerals.

Note: If you are having trouble balancing your water as described above, add a small amount of regular chlorine and maintain the ideal range on a standard test strip for 24 hours. The @ease test strip will NOT work for this step.

If the water is cloudy or murky after it is filled, it may have contaminants from the factory test water. Add a small amount of granular chlorine and establish a level of 3 ppm free chlorine for 24 hours. Do not add the frog jump-start until the level goes back to 1ppm or less.

Once your Alkalinity, pH, and water hardness are in balance. You are now ready to add the Frog Jump Start per the directions. If had to use any granular chlorine, be sure that the level is at 1ppm or less. Next, Insert the Mineral & Chlorine Cartridge into the holder in your hot tub filter compartment. Set the dial on the chlorine cartridge according to the manufacturer’s recommendations in the frog @ease Manual. The mineral cartridge should be set to the Max Number. The placement of the cartridge is critical. Check the manual for the proper order on your model hot tub.


Add Frog maintain or any standard Spa Oxidizing Shock Once to Threes times a week, depending on your usage, to eliminate soaps/oils. Soaps and oils will cause cloudy and foamy water.

I recommend and use it myself. Natural Chemistry’s Spa Perfect is a more effective alternative to the oxidizing shock.

If you are experiencing excessive foam or the water looks cloudy,  check out my blog post, “My water is cloudy and foamy.”

Next, check your Alkalinity, pH, water hardness & Chlorine using your @ease test strips. Reminder only the @ease test strip can read the level of @ease chlorine in your hot tub. Adjust accordingly if you want to be in the ‘Ideal’ range. 


Check your filters for debris and discoloration. If dirty, rinse them in your laundry sink or outside with a garden hose.

If you have a vinyl spa cover, it does require maintenance for longer life. A cleaner/protector should be applied. Fabric Covers do not require any special care.

Change the Frog @ease Chlorine Pack. Add Jump Frog Start per the directions.

Every Four Months

Replace the Spa Frog Mineral Cartridge

Thoroughly clean the filters using a Filter Cleaner product, per directions on the packaging. I prefer filter cleaners that are long soaks vs. quick rinse solutions. You should rinse thoroughly and let them air dry before putting them back into the hot tub.


I recommend Natural Chemistry’s Spa Purge or similar products for cleaner and healthier plumbing by following the directions on the packaging.

Drain and refill the spa

Quick Tips

For the first few weeks, test often. Water chemistry levels can take a few weeks to settle and be consistent. As time goes on, you will fall into a routine that works for your usage.

Before placing your @ease cartridge into its holder, submerge it about elbow deep to remove any air trapped inside. Air pocks may cause the system to be less effective.

Heavy usage. If you are using your hot tub frequently and not reading enough smartchlor on the @ease test strip, turn the dial on the chlorine cartridge up one number. Alternatively, if your dial is at the max, use non-chlorine after each use. This would replace the 1-3 times per week as described previously.


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