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Pool Manuals

Click on the Link Below for the Owners Manual of your Series of Hot Tub



Be sure you check with your city or town for the most up-to-date information before attempting to do your own electric installation.

Consult your owner’s manual for electrical hookups for your hot tub. See the owner’s manuals links.

Caution be sure that you have the correct Make, Model, and Model Year when referencing an owner’s manual. Manufacturers make changes to the wiring of their products as features change.

Need an Electrician

Dwight Knox at D & D Electric. Office 585-624-3868. Cell 585-729-0684. I have referred Dwight for over 15 years and his company wired my personal hot tub at home.

Upstate New York Websites (Permit Information)

It’s the middle of winter. You just got your new hot tub, and you are ready to turn it on for the first time, and it’s winter. Here are some of my recommendations for a trouble-free startup.



Startup And Refilling

When you fill your hot tub, turn off the power and fill your hot tub through the filter compartment to prevent an airlock. If you have a filter standpipe remove the filter cap, the filter sits on and put the hose inside it. You can watch the video on my post if you get an airlock. I Just Got my Hot Tub, and I have Problems.

Anytime chemicals are added, run your jets with the cover open for ten minutes. Chemicals are best added in or near the filter compartment when the water is 65 degrees or more.

Please check the water balance with test strips to ensure your Ph (7.2-7.8) and Alkalinity (80-120) is in the correct range and adjust accordingly.

Insert a Frog Mineral Stick into Filter Compartment. Any brand of Mineral Stick will also work.

Add One Tablespoon of Granular Spa Chlorine for Small tubs, Two for larger Tubs.

You are ready for a Soak when all levels on your test strip are in range.

After Each Use

Add one teaspoon of Granular Spa Chlorine per person after each daily use.

If the spa has been used for five days add one tablespoon of chlorine. 


Use a Spa Oxidizing Shock One to Three times a week (to eliminate soaps/oils), depending on your usage. Soaps and oils will cause cloudy and foamy water. See more in my Blog Post My Water is Cloudy and Foamy.

I recommend and use it myself. Natural Chemistry’s Spa Perfect is a more effective alternative to the oxidizing shock.

A Stain & Scale Product is recommended to prevent calcium build-up, especially if your water is high in minerals.

Check your Alkalinity, pH & Chlorine by testing your strips.  Your goal is to be in the ‘Ideal’ range. Adjust accordingly.


Hose off your filters from top to bottom once a month (more often, depending on usage)

If you have a Vinyl type cover. Use a Spa Cover vinyl cleaner and protector on the spa cover. Fabric Covers do not require any maintenance.

Every Four Months

Drain and refill your hot tub using the above startup directions.

Replace Spa Frog Mineral Cartridge

Thoroughly clean filters using a Filter Cleaner per directions on the bottle


Use Natural Chemistry’s Spa Purge or similar products. Follow the directions on the bottle.

Drain and refill the spa.


Keep on Swimming N Soaking!

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