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“For those who expect the most out of life, the Highlife Collection is everything a hot tub can be” This quote for Hotsprings sums up the Hotsprings philosophy in their approach to the perfect hot tub. Watkins Manufacturing now known as Watkins Wellness was founded in 1977 and is one the oldest hot tub companies in the industry today and has a proud tradition of quality, innovation, and customers service.

Hotspring Highlife Collection Brochure

Hotspring’s latest innovation is their Fresh Water Salt System. This system is designed with you in mind taking some of the guesswork out of everyday water care.

Hotspring Highlife Hot Tubs

The freshwater salt system automatically breaks down the small amount of salt in your water and converts it to useable chlorine for one year without a water change. The amount of salt in your water is so low you can not even taste it.

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The Hotspring Highlife Collection has a wide variety of jets with the best jet pressure in the industry

The Moto-Massage® DX jet has revolutionized hydrotherapy. This unique moving jet delivers two powerful streams of warm water that sweep up and down the length of your back. This one-of-a-kind back massage is only available from Hotspring and is included on all Highlife models.  

hotspring 100% filter system

A feature that is only available on the Hot Spring Highlife Collection is their 100% water filtration system.

All of the water is 100% filtered of the time, whether the jets are on or off. All other hot tubs have a bypass system that allows your water to skip the filter if it is clogged.

hotspring engry guide

Energy Efficiency. All hot spring hot tubs are built to minimize energy consumption in all types of weather.

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Polymer Structure

Highlife substructure

Built for durability and long life with a structure and base pan that will never rust or rot.

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