Located in a state-of-the-art facility in St. Jerome, Quebec, InnovaSpa is a subsidiary of Innovaplas – a manufacturing leader of rotationally molded polyethylene pool steps and ladders for over a decade.  Success led to expansion and the acquisition of Lumi-O International in 2008. InnovaSpa was created to continue, expand and improve this program and to add design innovation to the spa industry.  Today, InnovaSpa is considered a top manufacturer of high-quality, well-engineered hot tubs with common-sense features. 

Innovaspa Spartan Brochure

Innovaspa Feeling Brochure

Innovaspa has different spa models that address different consumer preferences based on individual lifestyles.

If you love the simplicity and open spaces, they have a spa for you. If you’re looking for togetherness with family and/or friends, Innovaspa can accommodate you. If there’s a need for intense massage, Innovaspa has just enough power, and if you prefer togetherness in a “sit back and relax” environment, they have that spa too.


100% Serviceable

  • Very wide removable dual-access panels on all 4 sides of spa
  • Easy removable & reusable insulation

No hassle Installation

  • Minimal site preparation
  • Sits on any level and solid surface
  • No Electrician required for 120V installation
  • Plugs directly into wall

Hand Recesses

  • Has integrated carrying handles in the mold on each side of the spa
  • Easily transportable by 2 people

Air Control Valve

  • Easy-to-use air control valve which increases the power of the jets inside the spa

LED Exterior Corner Lighting

  • Equipped with color-changing LED corner lights
  • Have access to a selection of colors and rhythms

Triangulation Massage

  • Each jet gap is different from top to bottom and bottom to top, providing a unique massage experience at every seat
  • 20 Adjustable Stainless Steel jets: 2 for neck massage and 2 for foot massage

Easy Access Drain Valve

  • Easily connect your garden hose to the external valve for easy water change

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