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aqua select

Located in Johnson City, Tennessee, has a 320,000 square foot manufacturing center that makes several brands of hot tubs located in retail shops are located across 23 states. We carry a few select models from their line under the name Aqua Select.

Aqua Select NS-5 Plus Flyer

Aqua Select CAT-7 Flyer

Aqua Select CAT-13 Flyer

Aqua Select Hot Tubs are manufactured with economical, energy-efficient methodologies. All of their hot tub models include high-density foam insulation on the shell of the hot tub, as well as the closed cabinetry system which ensures the best level of insulation available. For colder climates, an economical thermal wrap upgrade that is rated for up to 30 degrees below 0! Additionally, our 220V models have at least one 2-speed pump that enables the tub to be put into a low-energy mode when it is not being used, which represents significant savings over hot tubs with single-speed pumps and circulating pumps.

LPI Inc-Aqua Select

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