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Greetings! I am thrilled to introduce myself as a member of a family-owned haven for pool and hot tub enthusiasts nestled in the heart of Rochester, NY. Having been a part of this remarkable establishment since 2002, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of water-based relaxation and the joy it brings.

Through my years at Clover, it has become evident that customers deserve more than just products – they deserve knowledge, empowerment, and a space to foster their passion for hot tub leisure. This realization has ignited a vision within me: to create a digital haven where individuals can immerse themselves in insights about their desired purchases and gain a deep understanding of how to make the most of them.

With this website, my aspiration is to go beyond the transactional aspect of retail. I’m committed to crafting a platform that serves as an educational resource, a virtual guidebook for those seeking to enrich their water-centric lifestyles. From helping you choose the perfect poolside companion to guiding you through the nuances of maintenance and usage, I aim to provide a comprehensive resource that empowers you to embark on your aquatic journey with confidence.

As I embark on this endeavor, I’m excited to blend my passion for hot tub leisure with the digital realm. I invite you to join me on this journey of exploration and discovery, as we transform mere products into pathways to relaxation, rejuvenation, and lasting memories. Together, let’s dive into a world where knowledge meets leisure, and where your dreams find their true home.


Prior to joining the team at Clover Home Leisure, I embarked on a successful managerial journey at Radio Shack. Throughout my tenure of ten years, I orchestrated the operations of five distinct stores spread across the picturesque expanse of the Rochester area. Before finding my way back to Rochester, my professional voyage led me through various electronics stores in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

My heart belongs to Lisa, my incredible wife of many years, as we embarked on the journey of marriage in 1984. Together, we are the proud parents of three wonderful children and the doting grandparents of two cherished grandchildren. My roots in Rochester run deep, having spent my formative years on the West Side of the city and eventually earning my graduation stripes in 1982 from the School Without Walls.

When leisure beckons, my wife and I embrace the joys of life together. We find solace in the rhythm of bowling lanes, the serenity of hiking trails, the exhilaration of kayaking waters, and the simple pleasures of tent camping. As our children have grown and charted their own courses, we’ve discovered the allure of cruising as a delightful avenue for vacationing.

Life’s chapters have woven a tapestry of experiences, from my Radio Shack management days to the scenic trails of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Now, as part of the Clover Home Leisure family, I’m excited to merge my passion for technology with a devotion to creating aquatic sanctuaries. Join me on this exciting journey, where a shared appreciation for relaxation, technology, and family bonds come together to craft memorable narratives.

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