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Swim N Soak a Website where you can learn about Maintaining a Swimming Pool or Hot Tub. What to look for when purchasing a Pool or Hot Tub and Much More.

I created this website to make your life easier with information on what not to do, product tips and how to’s that I have learned with over 20 years in the Pool and Hot Tub business.

What Should I ask myself before shopping for a Hot Tub

hot tub questions

Hot tub shopping is a lot like buying a car, with lots of brands, prices, and styles.

Here are some of my top hot shopping questions

  • How much space do you available
  • Would you like a lounge to lay down in or all seats for more open space
  • Is your perfect hot tub for physical wellness (aches & pains) or mental wellness (relax & getaway)
  • What type of budget do you have for this project
  • How important is choosing inside and outside colors
  • Is water cleanness a priory
  • Are you looking for Strong, Medium or light pressure Jets
  • How long do you want your tub to last, some last 10 years others can go 20 years or more

Keep in mind the horsepower of the pump and the number of jets is NOT! The way to compare hot tubs. How much water comes out of that jet and where it is placed is what makes a great hot tub.

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I launched this Site in February 2020, take some time to look around as I am always trying to improve the content and format. I don’t sell anything on my site, and the Advice is Free.

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