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The Ultimate Guide to Salt Water Hot Tubs: Everything You Need to Know

What is Saltwater Hot Tubbing all about? Making Chlorine out of Salt is a basic principle and should apply to most salt systems. In this article, I will give you all the details of the system I am most familiar with, the Watkins freshwater system, and how to use it properly.

As you read through, I will answer these essential questions about a Salt Water Hot Tubs

What is a Salt Water Hot Tub

Saltwater sanitation systems have been around for a while for swimming pools and are nothing new.  What is unique and different is that salt water has been adapted for specific use in their hot tubs. If you are unfamiliar with saltwater sanitation, it is taking sodium chloride or sodium bromide salts and converting them into either Chlorine or Bromide, depending on the system.

How do I get a Salt Systems?

Currently, only a few manufacturers of salt water sanitation. The one I know the best is from Watkins Manufacturing, sold under the Hotsprings and Caldera brand of hot tubs.  

There are other third-party manufacturers of salt systems on the market. I would use caution when considering a third-party salt system. Some hot tub manufacturers may reject a warranty claim if the salt system chemistry damages parts. If a part becomes corroded or damaged due to poor water chemistry,  the salt system may blamed, and the manufacturer will not cover the warranty claim.

Why is a salt water hot tub better

  • Automatic Chlorination. It makes its chlorine for a Year.
  • Conserve water by reducing spa drain and refills for up to a year
  • Softer skin. It is not as harsh as chlorine or bromine-treated hot tubs.
  • Like Epson Salts, a saltwater hot tub helps your joints feel better and are more flexible. 
  • Fewer chemicals are added, and no harsh odors.
  • More natural-feeling water with no itchy, dry skin or eyes.
  • Simple water care means more time enjoying your spa.

How to Use the System

In past years, I have attended Watkins Wellness Freshwater Salt seminars. The guide I have written is everything I learned, including best practices for their system. As a bonus, I have included some of my water care tips to enhance your overall experience with the system.

These water care instructions should apply to most saltwater systems as they work similarly. Of course, you should check the owner manual of any system and follow their guidelines for proper operation.

Download My Guide and best practices for the Freshwater salt system

I have written this guide that starts on day one and will set up for success with the Hotsping Freshwater System. 

Hotspring Salt Start-up Video is a step-by-step guide for starting up your Freshwater Salt System.

In conclusion

 Saltwater hot tubs offer a unique and innovative approach to spa sanitation, leveraging the natural properties of salt to create a more enjoyable and hassle-free experience. The adaptation of saltwater systems for hot tubs, like the Watkins freshwater system, brings several benefits, from automatic chlorination that lasts a year to softer skin and a more natural feel to the water.

While the concept of saltwater hot tubs is not entirely new, the specific application and advantages they bring to the spa experience set them apart. The limited number of manufacturers, such as Watkins, specializing in saltwater systems underscores the importance of choosing a reliable and compatible option to avoid potential warranty issues.

The advantages of saltwater hot tubs, including conserving water, joint-friendly effects similar to Epsom salts, and minimal chemical use with no harsh odors, make them an appealing choice for spa enthusiasts. Embracing these systems not only simplifies water care but also enhances the overall enjoyment of your hot tub.

Next steps

Ready to switch to a saltwater hot tub and elevate your spa experience? Here are your next steps:

  • Research and Choose Your System: Explore reputable manufacturers like Watkins, known for their freshwater salt systems. Compare features, read reviews, and ensure compatibility with your hot tub.
  • Educate Yourself: Familiarize yourself with the specific maintenance requirements of your chosen saltwater system. Take the time to understand the nuances, such as monitoring salt levels and adjusting settings.
  • Implement Best Practices: Incorporate my water care tips and best practices outlined in this guide, derived from experiences at freshwater salt seminars.
  • Regular Monitoring: Keep a vigilant eye on your saltwater hot tub’s chemistry. Regularly test the water, adjust settings accordingly, and address any issues promptly to maintain water quality and system longevity.
  • Share Your Experience: Connect with other saltwater hot tub enthusiasts in online hot tub communities. Share your experiences, learn from others, and contribute to the collective knowledge of saltwater spa care.

Remember, transitioning to a saltwater hot tub is a journey toward a more natural, soothing, and enjoyable spa experience. By taking these next steps, you’ll be well on your way to reaping the benefits of automatic chlorination, softer skin, and minimal chemical use. Dive into the world of saltwater hot tubs and discover a new level of relaxation and satisfaction. Your spa oasis awaits!


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