All About Water

All About Water

All About Water- learn more about hot tub water care. Explore my blog posts to gain valuable insights and tips on how to maintain your hot tub water to keep it in pristine condition.

frog @ease

Using the Frog at ease System

In a previous post, What Is Frog @Ease, I explained what @ease is and why you would want to use it. In this follow-up post, I have written out some basic instructions.

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SNS-salt water hot tub

Salt Water Hot Tub

In 2010, Watking manufacturing introduced the ACE Salt Water System for their Hotspring and Caldera Hot Tub lines. Saltwater sanitation systems have been around for a while and are nothing new.

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SNS-Frog @ease

What is Frog at ease

King Technologies the same company that brought us the automatic frog system for swimming pools has a new system for hot tubs, the frog @ease system. It works with many popular hot tub brands like Bullfrog, Hotsprings Hot Spot Spas, and many others.

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Hot Tub Ozone Explained

Hot Tub Ozone Explained What exactly is Ozone? Ozone, or energetic oxygen 03, is a powerful oxidizer of contaminants and or bacteria in your hot tub water.

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SNS cloudy water

My Water is Cloudy and Foamy

Taking care of a Hot Tub is generally very easy and requires minimal effort if you can maintain a regular routine. Over the years taking care of my own hot tub and helped customers take care of theirs. I have found the items on this list are keys to succeeding in keeping your water clear and trouble-free.

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What's With Chlorine

What’s With Chlorine

What’s The Deal With Chlorine? When you add Chlorine to your pool water, it attaches to bacteria and other organics in the water on the molecular level to kill those unwanted contaminants

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