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Cleaning Up Your Act: Purging Hot Tub Biofilm

Is your hot tub water cloudy? Does your chlorine or bromine instantly disappear when added to your hot tub? Well, you might be suffering from a case of Biofilm. Get ready as I take you through the steps of Purging harmful Biofilm from your Hot Tub.

As you read through, I will answer these essential questions purging Hot Tub Biofilm

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What Is Biofilm?

Hot tub biofilm is a slimy layer of microorganisms that builds up inside your plumbing. It comprises of dissolved hygiene products like soap, makeup, shampoo, dirt, bacteria, and other organisms that thrive in warm, wet environments.

Unfortunately, you can’t just add more chlorine or bromide, and it will go away. Biofilm has a defense system that forms a strong protective layer that eats up sanitizer.

This is often why, no matter how much sanitizer you add to your hot tub, it will still be dirty and not register any sanitizer.

While some biofilm is inevitable, it can become problematic when it interferes with your hot water chemistry and tub’s performance.

Besides poor water. Biofilm clogs your plumbing, reducing water flow through your filters and reducing circulation. This adds stress to your pump and heater, shortening their life span.

In addition, Biofilm provides a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, which can be risky for your health.

How to remove it!

Fortunately, there is an easy solution you can perform before every water change called Purging.

When done regularly, this removes biofilm and keeps your hot tub in top condition. This allows for easier water care, less contamination, improved filtration, and crystal-clear water, which is something we all want while we soak in our hot tubs.

Hot Tubs Technician Performing Spa Necessary Pre Season Check

How to purge

1-Your first step is to remove your filters. While purging your hot tub, this is also the perfect time to deep clean your filters, which I highly recommend. If you want to know about filter care, I have recommendations at the bottom of this post.

2-You want to use a good quality jet cleaner. See recommendations.

3-Poor the jet cleaner into the water. Run the jets as suggested by the manufacturer. If your hot tub has diverters, make sure they are in the middle position to allow water to flow to all of your jet lines. Any waterfalls should be turned on. You want the jet cleaner to get to every plumbing line possible.

4-If you have any air mixes, I would turn them off. The more biofilm you have in your hot tub, the more reaction you will have, which comes in the form of foam, and the air mixes will make it worse.

5-After you run your jets, wait the prescribed amount of time per the directions to give the jet line cleaner a chance to work, especially if you had a lot of foam when you ran the jets. The more foam you have, the more it indicates a heavy biofilm buildup.

6-After the time is up, turn the pumps back on for a few more minutes. This will blow out any additional biofilm that may still be hanging on. If you have diverters, I would move them from one position to the other for even better results.

7-Before draining your tub, Turn off the power at your sub-panel or main panel. Now, you are ready to say goodbye to biofilm.

8-Most hot tubs have a drain in the front of the tub at the bottom below the access door or inside the tub behind the access door. You can also use a submersible pump to speed this process up. See recommendations.

Pro Tip: If you are draining your hot tub during the colder months, I would keep a garden hose in a warm area so it is ready to use and you do not have to wait to thaw out.

Cleaning Up Your Act: Purging Biofilm from Your Hot Tub​

9-Most hot tubs will have some water left in the seats or in the foot well, which can be quickly scooped out, or you have a shop vac that will work as well.

10-Now that the hot tub is empty, get a bucket of water and use a sponge or cloth to wipe down the shell and filter area to remove any residue.

11- Grab your garden hose and refill your hot tub—here is another pro tip. If you are not doing this already, fill your hot tub through the filter compartment. It is the best way to prevent air from being trapped in the pump, causing an airlock. Some hot tubs have a hollow standpipe you can put the hose in. If your hot tub doesn’t have one, you can set it where the filter threads in or leave the hose in the compartment.

12-Put the filters back in and wait for the water to heat up, and you will be good until my following water changes four months from now. If Your manufacturer recommends every three, that is even better, especially if you use your hot tub a lot. I wouldn’t go any longer than four months, even if you rarely use your hot tub. Biofilm doesn’t care if you use your hot tub every day or once a week. Microorganisms don’t need much to set up housekeeping in your hot tub.

In conclusion

Dealing with biofilm in your hot tub is crucial for maintaining water clarity, sanitation, and overall performance. Biofilm, a buildup of microorganisms and contaminants, can compromise water chemistry, clog plumbing, and pose health risks. Regular purging is an effective solution to combat biofilm buildup. By following simple steps such as removing filters, using a quality jet cleaner, and thoroughly draining and cleaning, you can effectively rid your hot tub of biofilm and ensure a clean, safe, and enjoyable soaking experience. Remember, proactive maintenance is key to preserving your hot tub’s longevity and keeping it in top condition for optimal use.

Next Steps

Don’t wait until your hot tub water becomes cloudy or your sanitizer disappears – take action now to eliminate biofilm and maintain your hot tub’s performance. Follow the simple steps outlined in this guide to purge your hot tub and enjoy crystal-clear water, enhanced sanitation, and uninterrupted relaxation. With regular maintenance, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable soaking experience for yourself and your loved ones. Don’t let biofilm compromise your hot tub – start purging today for a cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable environment.


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