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Hot Tubs 101 Introduction

There are all kinds of hot tubs on the market today with a wide range of prices, features, sizes, and quality. I have been in retail sales for over 35 years and have worked with various customers. Like many of my customers, I will research a potential purchase before I buy it to the point I know everything I can learn. Sometimes, it’s a little over the top for my wife’s sanity, but it works for me and adds extra satisfaction when I start enjoying it. 

For hot tubs, the trick is to balance how much you want to spend and how much hot tub you will get when you spend it. I am going to try and break this down as best I can. I hope this will help you choose what is important to you and your needs.

Spas, commonly known as Hot Tubs, are available in many sizes, shapes, colors, and features. Like many products, you have your good, better, and best. When you look at all the hot tubs on the market, it can be a little overwhelming. I will try to break down what separates them in this post series.

Hot Tubs 101 Introduction

Some of the first questions I ask customers have more to do with what they envision in a hot tub.

Would you like a spot to lie in (chaise lounge) or all open seats?

How many people, on average, will be using the tub?

How much space do you have in the backyard for a hot tub?

How long do you expect this hot tub to last? This gives me an idea of size, layout, and quality

The second set of questions gets deeper into how the tub will be used.

Questions like :

Why a hot tub now? What has made you decide this is the best time to buy a hot tub?

Is this for the end of a long, hard day to alleviate those aches and pains?

Is this for family time and social events, or will this be a place to relax and unwind to relieve stress and tension?

These questions give me an idea of the types of features a customer may be interested in.

What to Consider

In the following chapters, I will discuss 110v or 220v, jets, frame construction, pumps, insulation, and warranty.

Part One

Plug-In Hot Tubs (110v)

Part Two


Part Three

Jets Pumps and More


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