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Cold Weather Hot Tub Delivery

It’s the middle of winter. You just got your new hot tub, and you are ready to turn it on for the first time, and it’s winter. Here are some of my recommendations for a trouble-free startup. Each Hot Tub is likely to have its own procedures.

As you read through, I will answer these essential questions about Cold Weather Hot Tub Delivery​

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Path to the delivery area

Most hot tub companies, even the ones in snowy climates, deliver hot tubs all year round and are prepared for difficult conditions like snowfall. The best way to be ready for your new hot tub is to keep the area clean and clear of snow in the days leading up to the delivery. Including Sidewalks and Driveways

The best way to keep the area ready is with a small tarp, which would help keep the surface clear from snow. You always want a hot to set firmly on its surface. The ideal hot tub delivery to your backyard is to slide the hot tub onto a level surface. However, that is rarely the case. 

Our company uses a Spa sled during winter to move hot tubs across the snow. This makes winter deliveries easy as long as we don’t have any snowbanks to contend with.


Filling The Hot Tub

Garden Hose. If you are like most people, your garden hose has been stored away for the winter. Now is the time to find it, put it in a warm area, and thaw it before your new hot tub arrives.

Filling. Do not fill your new until your electrician arrives. If your electrician is delayed or can not finish the job, a hot tub filled with cold water in freezing conditions could damage your new hot tub. When your hot tub is wired and ready to fill your tub, be sure to put your hose in the filter compartment. Remove the filter and put the hose inside the tub to push air out of the jet pump.

From the Factory.  Hot tubs are water-tested at the factory and always have some residual water left in the lines. This is generally insufficient to damage plumbing but could freeze a line. However, some of that water may freeze, preventing the pump from working. A work light, hair dryer, or space heater can thaw any internal ice inside the pump if this happens.

32 degrees and Below. You have several options. One is to have your electrician ready and waiting for the hot tub to arrive. This is dependent on your electrician’s availability. Sometimes deliveries do run late. Another option is to wait until it warms up before filling and flipping the switch.

Do not use hot water. The sudden shock of hot water on a cold hot tub shell could crack and damage your hot tub. If you can, connect your hose to a mixed water source. Start with cold water and mix it to warm to complete the fill.

Once your tub is filled, you are ready to turn in and treat the water. If you encounter any problems, call the store or service department where you purchased your hot for additional help.

Use a small ceramic space heater or 100-watt incandescent trouble light to warm up the service compartment where the pump is located. This should prevent or melt any potential ice build-up in the lines.

Cold Weather Hot Tub Delivery

Please use caution and common sense when using any of these suggestions. Do not attempt if you are not sure what you are doing.

In Conclusion

Embarking on a hot tub adventure during winter requires thoughtful considerations to ensure a trouble-free startup. From preparing the delivery area to handling the filling process, these recommendations aim to make the experience as smooth as possible during cold weather conditions.

Maintaining a clean and snow-free pathway to the delivery area is essential, and a small tarp can be a handy tool for keeping surfaces clear. Hot tub companies, well-versed in winter deliveries, often utilize spa sleds to navigate through snowy terrain, ensuring a secure placement.

When filling the hot tub, it’s crucial to prep the garden hose ahead of time, thawing it in a warm area before the delivery. Waiting to fill the tub until your electrician is ready is a prudent step to avoid potential damage from cold water in freezing conditions. Special attention is given to hot tubs that have been water-tested at the factory, with precautions taken to address any residual water that may freeze and hinder the pump’s functionality.

Next Steps

Ready to transform your winter into a warm and soothing escape with your new hot tub? Take the necessary precautions to avoid potential damage from cold water, and remember not to use hot water directly. When your hot tub is ready, connect your hose to a mixed water source for a safe and effective fill.

For additional support or if you encounter any challenges, don’t hesitate to reach out to the store or service department where you purchased your hot tub. Winter relaxation is just a few steps away – make your hot tub experience extraordinary, even in the chilliest weather!

Embrace the warmth, click that switch, and let the soothing waters of your hot tub wash away the winter blues. Start your cold-weather hot tub adventure now! Once filled, turning on the hot tub and treating the water is the next step. 

A small ceramic space heater or a 100-watt incandescent trouble light can warm up the service compartment to counter potential ice build-up in the lines. Following these guidelines, you can confidently enjoy your hot tub even in the coldest weather, ensuring a cozy and trouble-free winter soak.


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