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Common Issues with New Hot Tubs and How to Fix Them

Common Issues with New Hot Tubs and How to Fix Them

Indeed, after all the anticipation and expense, a hot tub that does not work can be pretty upsetting. There can be many reasons why this can happen. Don’t panic; it’s only a hot tub. It is a problem that can be solved. I have listed the most common issues and how to resolve them. I have drawn from my 20 plus years in the hot tub industry to assemble this article.

As you read through, I will answer Common Issues with New Hot Tubs and How to Fix Them

The Factory

Today’s hot tubs are built like the average car, with fewer robots. Real people work hard to make what will be the centerpiece of your backyard. When they build a hot tub, it goes from station to station, from the frame to the shell, plumbing, electrical departments, and so on.  

Hot tub companies fill, run, and test every aspect of the hot tub before it leaves the factory. Even with all of those checks, sometimes the factory misses something.

Hot tubs are large, heavy items shipped by a tractor-trailer or train over uneven, bumpy roadways. It is not very common, but sometimes something comes loose, and you are disappointed and frustrated on the day of delivery.  

Before calling your dealer, try powering down the hot tub, open the service compartment door, and look around. Are all the wires connected securely? Note: some wires may be for accessories not included with your hot tub. 

Is there any water in the compartment? Sometimes, a clamp has come loose during transport. If nothing is obvious, call your dealer for help. All the major brands will take responsibility and expedite a solution, whether a replacement part or a whole new tub.

Believe it or not, even some professional electricians get this wrong. Not all manufacturers use the same wiring system. Most larger hot tubs are on 220v systems and don’t require anything special regarding wiring. Some other brands of hot tubs may require multiple amperages or more than one breaker.

If your hot tub does not turn on or trips the breaker as soon as it is on, then I would have your electrician review the manufacturer’s directions and his work. Call the store you purchased your hot tub from if all else fails for additional help.

Priming the Pump

This is one that often stumps new hot tub owners. The power is on, and you hear the pumps making noise, but no jets. Chances are there is no water inside the pump. So what happened? 

How did you fill your hot tub? Did you put your garden hose inside the filter compartment? This is the best practice when you fill your hot tub. Using a hose in the filter compartment forces water down into the pump and pushes out the air. If you are experiencing what we call an airlock, it will take patience to resolve.

First, try using your garden hose to force water into the pump. Remove your filter/filters. Look for an open hole where the filter went. This is where your hose should go. If your filter sits on a  standpipe, it may unthread for better access. Try your hot tub again after running water into the area for a few minutes.

If that is unsuccessful, then a more direct approach is needed. I have a video below that I made that explains the best way to fix this problem. I found this method to be the most effective. You could also remove the hose from the bleeder line. However, it is made of simple plastic and can break easily. I have also seen plungers used over the jets. This method can be hit or miss, depending on whether you can find the correct jet closest to the pump.

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Fix Your Hot Tub Like a Profesional

The water Looks Bad after a week

First, don’t blame the hot tub. A lot of first-time hot tub owners experience this. Your hot tub is something new, and you probably enjoy it daily. The fundamental problem is the bather and what you bring into the water. 

Most people use laundry soap, body wash, shampoo, makeup, and other products daily. Sanitizers like chlorine and bromine don’t break most of these down very well. To solve this, you need products that specifically break these down and should be available at your local dealer. 

Non-Chlorine Shock and Natural Enzymes are the two most common chemicals to combat soaps and oils. You should also test your water at least once a week to ensure good Alkalinity, pH, and Phosphate levels. An imbalance can be another cause of poor water conditions.

The best way to minimize this problem is to use a hot tub-only swimsuit washed less often and rinsed thoroughly. Before you use the hot tub, a quick shower should wash away many beauty and hygiene products on your skin and hair. 

Even with some of those suggestions, some containments can get into your water and cause problems. If nothing, you have tired worked and are experiencing a severe water clarity problem. Try draining half of the water and refill the hot tub. This will often dilute the water chemistry and should solve most problems.

Keys to Success for Best Water Clarity

I have an article, Maintaining a Foam-Free Hot Tub: Best Practices for Owners.  It talks about foamy water, how to solve it, and the best way to start your hot tub for success. I also have a YouTube Video you enjoy as well.

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Conquer Hot Tub Foam with My Proven Tips for Crystal Clear Water!

Encountering issues with your hot tub can be disheartening, but it’s important to remember that solutions are within reach. Despite quality checks at the factory, unforeseen problems can arise during transport. Initial troubleshooting steps include checking for loose wires or water in the service compartment and consulting your dealer for assistance. 

A common hurdle for new hot tub owners is working pumps but no jets. This often stems from an airlock, which can be resolved by properly filling the hot tub through the filter compartment. 

Maintaining water quality is crucial, as contaminants from everyday products can affect your hot tub’s performance. Utilizing specialized chemicals like Non-Chlorine Shock and Natural Enzymes, testing water regularly, and adopting practices such as rinsing off before entering the hot tub can prevent water imbalances. 

In the case of persistent water clarity problems, draining and refilling the hot tub may provide a fresh start.

Ultimately, understanding and addressing these common issues will ensure the optimal functioning of your hot tub, allowing you to enjoy the relaxation it brings to your backyard fully.

next Steps

Ready to enjoy your hot tub to its fullest potential? Take action today to troubleshoot and resolve any issues you may be facing. Check the service compartment for loose wires or water, and consult your dealer for expert guidance. 

If electrical concerns persist, enlist the help of a qualified electrician to review the manufacturer’s directions and ensure proper wiring.

For those puzzling moments when you hear pump noise but no jets, tackle the issue head-on by following recommended filling practices and using alternative methods to address airlocks. Empower yourself with knowledge, and watch my video guide for a step-by-step solution.

Don’t let water quality concerns dampen your hot tub experience. Invest in specialized chemicals like Non-Chlorine Shock and Natural Enzymes, test your water regularly, and adopt a pre-soak shower routine for a cleaner, more enjoyable soak.

Remember, your hot tub is designed for relaxation, and you can keep it running smoothly with proactive maintenance. Take the plunge into troubleshooting and maintenance today – your future hot tub sessions will thank you.

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