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Calcium Hardness Increaser

Calcium Hardness Increaser

Spa Calcium Increaser & Hot Tub Water Hardener

AquaDoc | Spa Calcium Hardness Increaser Hot Tub Owners Rely on, Calcium Increaser Spa Hardness Increaser & Calcium Booster for Hot Tubs, Spa Calcium Increaser & Hot Tub Water Hardener Spa Chemicals

Make balancing your water easier & more cost effective with AquaDoc’s calcium hardness increaser. Our spa calcium hardness increaser is vital to ensuring proper water hardness levels in your hot tub. AquaDoc’s Calcium Booster gets your hardness up.

Avoid corrosion, etching, and staining – AquaDoc’s Professional Grade Hot Tub Calcium increaser is your best defense against soft water in your hot tub or spa. Guard calcium levels from decreasing too low with our spa Calcium booster for hot tubs.

How it works – AquaDoc’s Hot Tub Calcium hardness Increaser works to raise your water’s hardness level to ensure properly balanced hot tub water. Our spa hardness increaser easily works to raise your Calcium levels by 10ppm increments or more.

The Hardness Increaser Hot Tub Owners Love – When it comes to Spa Chemicals calcium hardness increaser is a must have. Without hot tub chemicals calcium hardness can become unbalanced. Always have a hot tub calcium booster ready and waiting.

Easy to Use, Made in the USA – (1) Check your calcium levels, (2) 1 ounce of AquaDoc’s Calcium increaser will boost water’s hardness level by 10ppm. (3) After determining hardness level goal, add proper amount of increaser while equipment is on. (4) Run filter for 1 – 2 hours, wait 20 minutes, then retest water.

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