Hot Tub Booster Seat

Hot Tub Booster Seat

Hot Tub Pillow

Air Mesh Weighted Hot Tub Pillow with Powerful Non-Slip Suction Cups

 Hot Tub Booster Seat, 4D Air Mesh Weighted Hot Tub Pillow with Powerful Non-Slip Suction Cups, Ergonomic Booster Cushion, Quick Dry Spa Pillow Hot Tub

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  • 4D Air Mesh Booster Seat: Different form other booster cushion covered with weight beads, too heavy to carry out, this hot tub booster seat adopts 4D Air Mesh technology, which is lightweight to carry, make it irrigate water quickly and ensure booster seat submersible without floating.
  • Ergonomic Hot Tub Booster Seat: The U-shaped design perfectly fit your body curve and wraps your buttock in blissful comfort, which provides you lasting support and help you reduce the pressure of the muscle, let you enjoy a more comfortable hot bath and get fully relaxation after a day work.
  • Raise You Up Away Wet Hair: This hot tub booster seat provides 5 inches tall to raise kids up or people who want to have a better view above the water, it perfectly elevates your seated height and provide comfortable support, you will not worry about your hair getting wet underwater.
  • No More Slipping or Sliding: Each spa seat cushion is equipped with 6 large and powerful suction cups,which keeps you away from annoying sliding and stay well in place while relaxing on the cushion. Besides every suction cup has a small tab for easily remove the cushion from the tub.
  • Make Cleaning Easier: This hot tub booster seat is constructed with 4D material, that is durable for long time service without getting distortion, and allows machine or hand washable. The built-in handle is easy to hang for drying and portable to carry indoor or outdoor.

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