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Hot Tub Pre-Filter

Hot Tub Pre-Filter

Reduces Bad Taste, Odors, Chlorin and Sediment, up to 8,000 Gallons

1 Count
2 Count
3 Count

U.S. Pool Supply Floating Spa, Hot Tub & Small Pool Chlorine and Bromine Chemical Dispenser

CRYSTALA garden hose filter contains coconut shell-activated carbon particles, which can effectively remove particles, odor, chlorine removal, and other substances, to provide you with purer and healthier water.

CRYSTALA activated carbon garden hose filter is up to 8,000 gallons, which can effectively remove microparticles and suspended impurities, adsorb free metal ions in the water, and soften the water quality.

CRYSTALA Garden hose filter available for any standard plumbing and suitable for swimming pool water purification, hose filter for filling hot tubs, spas, car washes, Inflatable pools, kiddie pools, etc.

Our hose filter is easy to install without any tools. Just connect the hose to the garden hose pre-filter and open it to allow the water to flow for 30 seconds to put the hose into the swimming pool or bathtub.

If you encounter product-related problems, our after-sales customer support team will help you at any time, solve your problems and meet your needs.

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