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Welcome To My Hot Tub Websites

I have created two unique spaces for hot tub consumers

My Name Is Jon Gill. In 2019, I launched Swim N Soak, a website tailored for consumers seeking solutions to everyday hot tub problems, whether troubleshooting water chemistry, fixing an airlock, or what to do when they lose power.

In 2022. I complemented Swim N Soak with a YouTube channel to expand my message to an audience I may not be reaching through the website alone. In 2024, I expect to add even more content to both the Swim N Soak Webstie and YouTube Channel to attract a larger audience to this website.

swim N Soak

PLUS-ING Your Hot Tub Experience

Dive into a world of relaxation and rejuvenation with my comprehensive website dedicated to everything hot tub-related. Whether you’re a seasoned hot tub enthusiast or a newbie looking to make the most of your hydrotherapy haven, Swim N Soak has you covered.

Swim N Soak on YouTube

As a seasoned Hot Tub professional with over two decades of expertise in Rochester, NY, I have launched Swim N, a comprehensive website dedicated to enlightening consumers about everything hot tubs and swim spas. Find valuable insights, expert advice, and in-depth knowledge to make informed decisions on your aquatic investments. Dive into the world of hot tubs and swim spas with confidence, guided by years of industry experience.

Featured Video Series For 2024

in 2023 the hot tub report launched

Swim N Soak was created initially to add credibility to my sales efforts as a salesperson at a local hot tub company I currently work for in Western NY. This proved very successful, and I felt I had more to offer.

The Hot Tub Report was created as an extension of Swim N Soak. This Website and YouTube channel are aimed at the consumer looking for a  New Hot Tub but not sure which brand to buy or what features they need. Or even why they may want a hot tub.

If you are out Shopping for a Hot Tub. The Hot Tub Report  Is the only YouTube Channel and Website Educating consumers about Hot Tubs and Features. 


Find Your Next Hot Tub Here

Thinking about a New Hot Tub? I will take you into a deep dive into today’s popular Hot Tub Models.

The Hot Tub Report on YouTube

Introducing Swim N Soak’s Hot Tub Report, your ultimate source for Hot Tub Reviews and essential hot Tubbing features. Coming soon is an illuminating series about hot tub Wellness and how a hot tub can change your life. Dive in to discover the best in hot tubs and make the most of your soaking experience with expert advice from a 20-year hot tub industry veteran.

Featured Video Series For 2024

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Sponsorship is Available for both Swim N Soak and The Hot Tub Report

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John Gill
President/Content Creator  (585) 484-7970

Swim n Soak #1076
1601 Penfield Road Suite 575
Rochester, NY 14625

D.B.A. Swim N Soak

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