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Here is my list of things you should know and may need to do after purchasing your hot tub, or maybe you are unsure what comes next.

New Hot Tub Checklist

Permit (Recommended): In the State of New York, a permit is required for installing a Hot Tub. Many requirements for owning Hot Tubs are similar to swimming pools, such as having a proper electrical connection, a safety cover, etc. 

Contact your local building department to inquire about what your town requires. Be sure you know where the Hot Tub will be placed; most towns require the location to be marked on a property map. The town may also verify that any contractors you use have certain types of insurance.

Location: Your new Hot Tub can be installed on many surfaces: a reinforced deck, concrete patio, pavers (with a proper base), crushed stone, or even inside a well-ventilated room. Be sure to know the layout of your New Hot Tub, most notably where the control/service panels are. 

Hot Tubs must be accessible for service, so the service panel side should be open. Also, leave room for the cover to open if you place your hot tub near a wall or fence.

Pre-Delivery: Delivering a Hot Tub is not always an easy task. Access to the location is the most significant part of any hot tub delivery. Check the path that will be used to get the Hot Tub to where it needs to go. Are there any obstacles? Is there enough clearance to get through? Will the Hot Tub be put on its side or lifted into place? A lot of hot tub delivery is done with muscle and sweat.

Need to Knows Before Delivery

At Time of Delivery: Most Hot Tubs include a Cover Lifter Device to remove your safety cover. This is installed at the time of delivery and can require between 12” to 24″ of clearance from a wall, depending on the type of lifter. You will also be asked which way the tub is to be faced. Be sure to leave space for the brackets and steps.

For Cold Weather Delivery, Click Here for my advice and recommendations.

After Delivery: Here at the store, we test water for free and advise on correcting any problems. We also provide an in-store review of your new Hot Tubs operation and technical support.

Check out my other posts on the New Owners Page to help start and maintain your hot tub water.

Electrical: The installation should be done after the Hot Tub is in its final location. Electric installation or connection is not part of your Hot Tub purchase. Click the electrician link below for my recommendations. Electric is usually part of the final inspection by your town, and they should provide guidelines for you to follow.

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