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So I Just Bought A New Pool Now What?

Here is a list of things to expect that each of my customers should know after they purchase their new pool. I’m not sure what comes next, or maybe you just forgot to ask.

New Swimming Pool Checklist

Site Survey: Expect a call from your assigned Pool Installer. Installers will call for purchases before Pool Season when the ground is visible and outdoor temperatures have improved. The expectation for the survey is April/May. During Pool Season, expect to hear from the installer. Typically, within seven days or less after purchase, it may go longer during a heavy installation season. At this time, your installer may collect part of or the entire installation cost.

Permit: The State of New York does require a permit for all new pool installations. To obtain a permit, contact your local building department. Be sure you know where the pool is going to be installed. Most towns require the location to be marked on a property map. The town will also verify that the installer has certain types of insurance on file; check with your installer. Note: If it is before May 1st, your installer may not have their insurance activated for the season.

Electric: Electric installation is not part of your Pool purchase. This is part of the final inspection by your town. They will provide you with guidelines for you to follow. The electricity should be run after the pool is in place.

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Delivery: In most cases, we will deliver your new pool at no extra charge. Be sure you have made arrangements at least two weeks before the installation.

In-Ground Customers: In the State of New York, be sure you have filled out the Tax Exempt form.

So I Just Bought A New Pool Now What?

Installation: During your site survey and after the contract is signed, your installer will provide you with an expectation of an installation time frame. Most above-ground installations are done in one day with a small excavator like a Bobcat that will need access to your yard. Your installer will also arrange for sand to be delivered before your pool is installed. If you want any documentation packed with your pool products, please ask your installer to put them aside.

Installation In-Ground: This is generally a three to four-day project. We will do our best to reuse all the dirt during the backfill process. Please consult the installer to make arrangements if you need soil hauled away. Note this is an additional charge.

After installation: We are here! We test and give water advice. We can review the pool operations and provide technical support. Most new pool purchases include a winter cover. At the time of sale, you should have received a sales receipt with a winter cover to be redeemed at the end of the pool season.

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