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Hotspring Hot Tub-Owner

Hotspring Hot Tub-New Owners

Have you just ordered or had your new hot tub delivered and are unsure how to take care of it or what you need to do first? I have assembled various resources to help get you started, including manuals, electrical, and water care.

I have a short list of things you should know before your hot tub is delivered. I Cover topics such as Permits, Electrical, Tub Locations, Delivery and so on.


Highlife Hot Tubs Getting Started
Limelight Hot Tubs Getting Started
Hotspot Hot Tubs Getting Started

Hotspring has prepared its own Pre-Delivery Guides to help their Customer’s Delivery to go as hassle-free as possible and may include information I have not included in any of my posts.

Upstate New York Websites (Permit Information)

Check your city or town for the most up-to-date information before installing electricity. Consult your owner’s manual for electrical hookups for your hot tub. See the owner’s manual links.

Caution: ensure you have the correct Make, Model, and Model Year when referencing an owner’s manual. Manufacturers make changes to the wiring of their products as features change.


Need an electrician for your Project

Having the right person for the job is important for any project. I have several recommendations at reasonable rates

D & D electric
Lighting Darkness Electric

It’s the middle of winter. You just got your new hot tub, and you are ready to turn it on for the first time, and it’s winter. Here are some of my recommendations for a trouble-free startup.

SNS-cold weather delivery



Select your sanitation system below for my guide to caring for your New Hot Tub. 

Freshwater Salt Startup Video

Hotspring Resoures

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