Hot Tub Research


LPI Inc-Aqua Select

Located in Johnson City, Tennessee, has a 320,000 square foot manufacturing center that makes several brands of hot tubs located in retail shops are located across 23 states. We carry a few select models from their line under the name Aqua Select.


Viking Hot Tubs

From spa controls to cabinetry to therapy components, Viking selects the companies with the best reputation for quality and reliability. Beginning with the heart of the spa, Viking uses Balboa Equipment an industry leader for 30 years with time-tested dependability. All Viking Spas feature stainless steel jets of various sizes that provide all types of therapy with different jet nozzles.



Located in a state-of-the-art facility in St. Jerome, Quebec, InnovaSpa is a subsidiary of Innovaplas – a manufacturing leader of rotationally molded polyethylene pool steps and ladders for over a decade. Success led to expansion and the acquisition of Lumi-O International in 2008. InnovaSpa was created to continue, expand and improve this program and to add design innovation to the spa industry.


Hotspring Highlife Hot Tub

“For those who expect the most out of life, the Highlife Collection is everything a hot tub can be” This quote for Hotsprings sums up the Hotsprings philosophy in their approach to the perfect hot tub. Watkins Manufacturing now known as Watkins Wellness was founded in 1977 and is one the oldest hot tub companies in the industry today and has a proud tradition of quality, innovation, and customers service.


Bullfrog X Series Hot Tubs

Modeled after the popular R & A series hot tubs. The X series hot tubs and are built on the same basic platform as their revolutionary R & A hot tubs. With the X series, Bullfrog took a more traditional approach with standard plumbing rather than the customizable jetpacks. What Bullfrog calls Affordable Quality.


Bullfrog Jetpak Hot Tub Collection

One of the most innovative hot tubs on the market is the Bullfrog Jetpack Hot Tub. Instead of running a plumbing line to each jet. Bullfrog has designed a single solid jetpack for each seat eliminating up to 90% of the traditional plumbing lines and connections.


Hot Tubs 101 Introduction

There are all kinds of hot tubs on the market today with a wide range of prices, features, sizes, and quality. I have been in retail sales for over 35 years and have worked with all kinds of customers. Like many of my customers, I will research an item before I buy it to the point I know everything I can know.

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